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Reyson Ghana Limited is a Limited Liability company registered under the laws of the Republic of Ghana. Incorporated in 1995, Reyson Ghana Limited has established interests in a number of industries.

Reyson Ghana Limited has a number of partner companies that support its business interests. ACTIV REAL ESTATE LIMITED, an Israeli/Bulgarian partnership, ecoDWELLINGS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, our partner in the low cost housing / mortgage market and FERNANDO PO Limited, Reyson's partner in the energy and food processing industries, to mention a few.

Reyson Homes, a subsidiary of Reyson Ghana Limited has the mission to design and build residential and commercial properties to the highest standards of specification and finish, whilst keeping pace with advances in modern technology and design and ensuring that these are incorporated in every finished property. Our properties are designed and appropriately located to suit a cross section of the market.

We ventured into the real estate industry in 1997and have since built over 100 properties in Ghana for commercial and residential purposes.